Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple

This village in Karnataka is close to the border of Andra Pradesh. It has a long history from the time of Rastrakutas. Long ago it had a fort. Lord Shiva temple is famous as well as Lord Channakeshava temple.

About 800 years ago, most of the parts of South India were under the control of Sultans of Hyderabad. Muslim invasions destroyed the centers of Hindu culture, particularly the temples, their grandeur and the architecture.

About 800 years ago there was a treasury officer by name Dhananayaka, who determined to protect and preserve Sri. Channakeshava, the important deity worshiped at Anegundhi. He packed the deities Channakeshava, Bhoodevi and Neeladevi in clean clothes and carried them on the backs of bullocks and traveled southwards. He did all these very secretly along with some faithful companions and his family members. They came to a place viz, Donagondanahalli about 3 km of North-East of present Hebbani. They stayed there for three months and surveyed the surroundings. Finally they wanted to settle at a place which was in the middle of thick forest with huge trees.

They built a temple and the deities were installed and regular poojas were being performed. They built a small fort and became palegars and ruled about 30 villages which existed then.

Dhananayaka had five sons and each one of them was a learned and wise man. The eldest one was called Thimmappanayaka. His brothers were also scholars. Two of them were well versed in many fields of knowledge and were given titles. One as "Heremani" and another as "Kirumani". Dhananayaka sent his 5 sons to 5 places under his control, to maintain law and order. The village which was ruled by Heremani dedicated his title to the village and called the village as Heremani. In course of time the name Heremani transformed into "Hebbani". The village ruled by Kirumani dedicated his title to the village which is even now called by the same name Kirumani.