Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Lord Anjaneya

Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama & is worshipped by millions of people in India. Hanuman is the embodiment of devotion, dedication and strength. Devotees pray to Hanuman to rid the sufferings created by the planet Saturn and also to fulfill their wishes. There are temples all over India and in certain foreign countries, where Hanuman is worshipped as a God with reverence.
Hanuman is the son of Kesari and Anjana Devi (the Goddess of highly spiritual nativity). Hanuman was born to Anjana as a boon from Vayu deva (Lord of wind). Hence Hanuman is known as Vayuputra or Pawansut or Anjeneya or Anajaniputra.

As a child, Hanuman was fond of sweet fruits. When he was child, he thought Sun as sweet fruit and swallowed the Sun. The universe plunged into darkness. Indra (the Lord of Devas) in his anger struck Hanuman with by his vajraydha. Hanuman was wounded and became unconscious. His celestial father Vayu deva threatened to withdraw pran vayu (Vital air, oxygen) from all the creatures of universe, excluding Hanuman. The Devas became terrified after this threat and prayed to Vayu. They made Hanuman conscious and bestowed on him their power, Yama, the God of Hell to save his father Sun granted Hanuman a boon to be immortal. This pleased Vayu deva. Hanuman freed the Sun and the universe was shone with sunlight.

Supreme Devotee of Lord Rama The epic of Ramayana contains the heroic deeds of Hanuman and stories of His devotion to Lord Rama, and his wife Sita. Hanuman jumps over the Indian Ocean and reaches Lanka in search of Sita, who was abducted by Raavana, the demon king. In the battle between Lord Rama and Raavana, in which Raavana was killed, Hanuman played a vital role.

Once Lord Rama gave a necklace of pearl to Hanuman. Hanuman immediately broke the necklace and started to gaze every pearl. When Laxman asked Hanuman the reason for him glaring at each and every pearl, Hanuman replied that he is looking for Lord Rama. Hanuman was so convinced that his Lord Rama was present in his heart and is also present everywhere including the pearls (omnipresence). When they asked Hanuman to show Lord Rama within himself, Hanuman tore-open his chest. Everyone saw that Lord Rama and Sita were present in his heart.

Another incident was when Hanuman saw Sita, wearing sindur (vermilion). Hanuman asked Sita, why was she wearing sindur and Sita answered that `Sindur' provides good happening and long life to Lord Rama. Immediately Hanuman besmeared sindur in his whole body. When asked why Hanuman should smear sindur on himself, Hanuman answered earnestly that since Mother Sita was wearing sindur for Lord Rama's well being he was also wearing sindur for the same reason. Lord Rama was immensely moved and gave him blessings that the devotee who will offer Hanuman, sindur will tideover all the hurdles.

During the war between Lord Rama and Raavana, an arrow from Meghnad hit Laxman and he became unconscious. The army of Lord Rama sank in the ocean of sadness and grief. Lord Rama himself was too much sad. Then Sushen Vaidya told that only `Sanjivani Booty' (A herb only found on Sumeru Hill) could save Laxman. Hanuman went on Sumeru hill, which was far away from the battlefield. There were many herbs like `Sanjivani Booty'. Confused Hanuman immediately lifted Sumeru Hill in his right hand and flew back to Lanka battlefield. Laxman was saved.

Hanuman has got very special position in the Ram Durbar (in the court of Ram). Without Hanuman Durbar is not complete. Hanuman always sat at the feet of Lord Rama. Neither Lord Rama nor Hanuman could live without each other. Once Lord Rama told Hanuman -`As long as my story is told and listened on earth, stay there.' Hanuman answered-`As long as your story in told (Ram Katha) I will be present on earth. So Hanuman is still present on earth.

Hanuman in Mahabharata

Hanuman was always present on the flag of the chariot (RATH) of Arjun during Mahabharata war. As you know Krishna was charioteer (Sarathi) of Arjuna

During exile of Pandavas, Bhima (who was born as a boon from Vayu deva) met Hanuman. Bhima was going to his destination. Hanuman sat in his away as a normal monkey. Bhima told Hanuman to leave his away. Hanuman did not listen. Bhima warned he would throw him ( Hanuman) if he will not move from there. Hanuman said -`If you are so mighty, please move my tail only'. But Bhima could not move his tail. He realised that this was not an ordinary monkey. He praised – ‘you are some super natural person please show your real figure’. Then Hanuman appeared in his real form. Bhima worshipped and prayed to Hanuman for blessings. Hanuman told that whenever Pandavas will be in danger or in problem he would help. During Mahabharata war Bhima remembered and prayed Hanuman. Hence, Hanuman was present on the flag of the Arjuna.

Hanuman, the brahmachari

Hanuman remained a bachelor throughout his life. He was adventurous, strong, wise, scrupulous, knowledgeable, highly religious, courageous, fearless and, over and above all, totally devoted to his master Lord Rama. He was a master musician also.

The devotee’s need to worship Hanuman with firm faith. Then, he is sure to bless. His name is "Sankat Mochan" – which means destroyer of all hurdles of human beings. If devotees call him with absolute faith immediately Hanuman would come to the rescue & save his devotees. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are auspicious to Hanuman and special poojas are performed on these days.