Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple

‘The Mystery of the main Deity & the Shrine’
{To be studied with Devotion & Fortitude}

Narrated by: H. Shankara Sastry, ‘Founder’ and ‘Managing Trustee’ of Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple Trust (Regd.) – The true story, substantiating “Sathyameva Jayathe”

My grandfather Sri Narasimha Sastry’s grandfather Sri Rama Bhadra Sastry was residing at Hebbani village, Mulbagal Taluk, Kolar District. He was a very staunch devotee of the Lord Hanuman and there are several instances learnt from the lineal members of the family as well as from other senior persons of the village that Lord Hanuman blessed and saved the family members on many occasions.

Thus, naturally and by tradition my grandfather Sri Narasimha Sastry used to celebrate every year the Jayanthi of Sri Hanuman and perform Sri Seetha Kalyanam during Sri Rama Navami days and was conducting free marriages to poor brides and grooms.

My father Sri Sreenivasa Sastry and uncles Sri Subrahmanya Sastry and Sri Krishna Sastry continued to follow the rituals.

However, in course of time the families got scattered and later, we the brothers and cousins left the village due to education and employment reasons and are settled in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tirupati etc. Therefore the old tradition could not be continued for several years. Now, everybody is retired and the social graces and customary rituals which were forgotten/diminished so far are being contemplated by all the family members.

Meanwhile as far as I am concerned, I do repose firm faith in the Lord Hanuman and worship Him with utmost reverence. For the past one year, the Lord Hanuman started appearing in my dream and asking me to visit certain holy temples (around 12 nos.) of which I have never heard. However, after verifying in maps/websites, all those sacred temples do exist in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states. I am yet to answer the Lord’s command in this regard.

A few months ago, Lord Hanuman appeared again in my dream and asked me to construct a temple at Hebbani village (i.e., the place of my birth) and install the idol of Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy.

These amazing, unbelievable and hair raising events prompted me to venture the task of building a temple for the Lord Hanuman though financially I am hard up and my age also does not permit me to travel or work hard.

Nevertheless, the Lord induced enough enthusiasm and courage and I purchased a small site at Hebbani village from my sister Smt. Padmavathi Sreenath for a reasonable price. However, due to certain inexpressible circumstances the venue of the temple had to be changed and it became a blessing in disguise. A portion of the present site was purchased by me and the remaining portion i.e., 20’ by 80’ adjacent to the same was gifted by Sri 108 Sri Vignyananidhi Theertha Sreepadangalu, Peetadhipathigalu of Sreepadaraja Mutt, Mulbagal who happens to be from my village Hebbani. Thus the present measurement of the site is 50’ by 80’.

Also, I wanted to verify the sanctity of the present place for the temple construction and hence approached a few pundits/gurus like Sri Ramanatha Sarma of Punganur – Ph. No. 09985039390 and Sri A. Sreenivasa Murthy of Bangalore – Ph. No. 9611675999 and Sri 108 Sri Vignyananidhi Theertha Sreepadangalu, Peetadhipathigalu of Sreepadaraja Mutt, Mulbagal – Ph. No. 26914637/08159 242111.

All of them are Godly persons, vested with Divine powers. They have approved that this is a very holy place where Yagnas and Homas were being performed by orthodox Brahmins a few centuries ago and hence very much suitable for the intended purpose. Hence, I determined to go ahead with the construction of the temple on this site.

The next move was ordering a holy idol at Shivaripatnam in Kolar District, a place popularly known for such sculpturesque arts. However, probably it was against the will of God and therefore the Lord Hanuman appeared in my dream again and asked me to search at a place by name Thanuku where the idol is left without worship due to ruination of an ancient temple building.

I had to obey the orders of the Lord and hence started looking for details of the place Thanuku. After due verification in maps etc it was found that ‘Thanuku’ is a holy town in the west Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh with many temples. But it was not an easy task to trace the ruined temple at the outskirts of the town Thanuku. Moreover, it is an offense to dig the spots in search of an idol and permission of the Government has to be obtained and many legal formalities are to be observed to do so, which is beyond my capacity and also all the concerned authorities will be unwilling to be convinced since it was only dreamt by me.

When I approached some pundits/Gurus in this connection, nobody was dare enough to suggest an alternative solution to this mystery. Everyone asked me to pray Lord Hanuman for the right solution.

About three months passed in a dilemma without any solution to this idol-problem. Then recently I and my wife wanted to visit the temples of Kollur and Dharmasthala. First we went to Kollur where I lost my bag in the bus containing my personal clothes etc. After visiting Sri Mookambika Shrine at Kollur, we changed our programme to go to Udupi to buy the clothes etc, and to have Sri Udupi Krishna’s Darshan and then go to Dharmasthala. Nevertheless being tired we decided to stay at Udupi. I had prayed Lord Krishna “You are the Jagadguru and kindly offer me the right solution regarding Sri Hanuman’s idol, since no guruji is able to solve this puzzle”. We stayed in a room at Udupi and that night a miracle happened viz, the Lord Hanuman appeared in my dream. Astonishingly his magnificent figure was so enormous as if touching the sky. Sri Hanuman told me “Don’t worry! Ask my boy, he will guide you regarding my idol”. The Lord pointed His hand towards His right foot and I saw the image of the person and then the Lord disappeared. The person was none other than the then peethadipathi of Sri Udupi Krishna Mutt whom we had already visited on the previous day. He is Parama Poojya Sri Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Sreepadaru of Sri Puthige Mutt, Udupi, who was the Peethadhipathi of Sri Udupi Krishna Mutt, by virtue of paryaya. I was anxiously awaiting the dawn recollecting the rare event and wondering about the impayable grace of the Lord Hanuman.

The very next morning, I met Sri Sreepadaru and explained in detail about the dream and the Lord’s directive. Then Sri Sreepadaru asked me to meet him in the evening by 9.00 PM. I did accordingly and Sri Sreepadaru told me that he had prayed Lord Hanuman and according to His instruction, Sri Udupi Mutt shall get the idol made at Karkala and shall be gifted to me later. Everything happened as per the will of Lord Hanuman and Sri Sugunendra Theertha Sreepadaru handed over the idol of Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy to me at Sri Puttige Mutt, Bangalore on 21-07-2010

On 28-07-2010, the holy statue was under jaladhivasa (immersed in water) for 48 days as per our Shastras. Further, prathishta was performed in accordance with the set systems and standards of Hindu Dharma. Fortunately, Sri Sugunendra Theertha Sreepadaru of Sri Putthige Mutt who has solved the mystery of this idol, expressed his desire to perform the prathishta by himself as per the will of the Lord Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy.

How the completion of the temple construction and the expensive celebration of prathishta etc, are going to be executed is yet another puzzle. Lord Hanuman has to bestow His benedictions for the successful performance.