Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Construction Status

Devotees are requested to pursue the following facts. The divine command of Lord Hanuman prompted me to construct a temple of Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy at Hebbani Village, Mulbagal taluk and the details are enumerated vide our website

Accordingly, myself and my family members and other donors have sincerely put forth all our efforts and the work completed as on date are described as under:

Sl. No Description of work completed
1 Registration of trust document, opening of bank account and printing of stationery, etc
2 Procurement of site (50 * 70) documentation, leveling and cleaning of site and other miscellaneous works
3 Laying of foundation (as per Aagama Vastu) for the sanctum and for priest’s residence
4 Construction of priest’s building alongwith plumbing, electrical, painting work etc
5 Laying of granite slabs over the walls and floors of the temple involving cost of material and labour charges
6 Necessary idols viz., Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy, Mahaganapathi, Sri Seetha Rama set, Balipeetas, Nagaprathimas including fetching, transportation and many other associated costs

The Total cost of the above incurred so far is INR 10,00,000 (INR Ten Lakhs Only)

Nevertheless there are many other pending works which are equally essential that are described as under:

Sl. No Description of work Est Amount INR
1 Gopuram over the Garbhagudi 150,000.00
2 Stone Garuda Stambham 100,000.00
3 Compound wall around the premises (50 * 70) 125,000.00
4 Hall in front of the temple (Sabangana) 150,000.00
5 Laying of Stone slabs in front of the temple and around the temple premises 80,000.00
6 Construction of temple for Navagraha idols & installation 150,000.00
7 Construction of Arch at the entrance with sculptures 100,000.00
8 Utsav Idols and chariot 150,000.00

Total Estimated cost around INR 10,00,000 (INR Ten Lakhs Only)

Hence devotees are requested to contribute generously towards above pending works and various poojas, viz daily, weekly, auspicious occasions, etc, and also towards maintaining a reserve fund for the regular remuneration to the Priest

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Update : 1 Sep 2014


De I gratia; The Sanctorum is Ready now!

The glorious and unique ‘ Sree Rama nama Stupa’ has been built in the Temple premises of Sree Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy at Hebbani village and filled with books containing TEN CRORE Sree Rama namas written by highly loyal devotees from different parts of our Great Nation

The sanctity and immensity of the power of chanting one ‘Sree Rama nama ‘ which is equivalent to thousands of Sri Vishnu namas has been propagated by Lord Shiva through the sloka ‘ Sree Rama Rama Ramethi Rama Rama Manorame Sahasra nama Thathulyam Rama nama Varanana…’ Sree Rama is the savior, who rescues from the sins.

Sree Rama Nama signalizes the significance of the ‘Munificent Idealism’ of Lord Rama which dwells eternally in the hearts of his Devotees.

The immortality and immunity bestowed by reposing absolute faith in chanting Sree Rama Nama has been proved beyond doubt by staunch Devotees viz Sree Hanumanji, Thulasidas, Rama Das, Thyagaraja and a multitude of great accomplishment personalities like Mahatma Gandhiji etc…

Even the skepticism vanishes, once the ‘omnipotence’ of Sree Rama is realized and recognized, recanting all the misbeliefs.


“ARTHE GRIHANI VARTHANTHE , SMASANE MITRA BANDHAVAH, SUKRUTHAM CHAIVA GANCHANTI MANU GACHANTHI” which means “ your materialistic wealth remains at home; your kith and kin will accompany upto the graveyard BUT the consequence of the good or bad deeds will accompany your soul”.

Hence the need to disencumber the sins- ever though committed inadvertently- by despotically reposing faith in Lord SREE RAMA chanting his Sacred Taraka Mantra-‘RAM RAMAYA NAMAH’- sermonized by Sree Maharishi Buddha Koushika; via the divine Command by Lord SHIVA.